Custom Cabana Project

Mr. Rcabana-floor-shotichardson has been involved with the design and construction of many types of closed and open cabanas. The pictures presented are of some of the nicer custom cabanas constructed.

This particular client was looking to to have his vast amount of orange trees cut down and in its place have a tennis court, 2 cabanas, maids quarters, horse pavilion and various hardscape and landscaping.
These photos show the necessary steps taken for the pre-construction and necessary grading. During the pre-construction phase, it was determined that canary date palms were needed to be planted before any work was to begin on the structures, thus a mega crane was needed to do that job considering that these trees weigh several thousands of pounds.

Once the pre-construction phase was complete, the construction phase began with the foundations being poured and the necessary steel foundation beams set in place along with the framing of the structures.


In regards to the custom cabanas, only the highest quality materials were used in their fabrication along with some of the best craftsmen in the trade. Here is a snap shot of some of the precision work that was involved in the construction of these large beams.  The final pictures show the completion of the entire project.  Both the lower and upper cabanas were custom crafted using the finest beams from select 1 douglas fir and finished off by sandblasting and a semi-translucent flat exterior paint was applied. Both roofs were finished with 2 piece clay and colored concrete placed between the tiles for authenticity and both structures were wired and plumbed accordingly.  All precast columns used were fabricated using colored concrete and sandblasted.

The lower cabanas floor was set using flagstone. The bar was constructed using mahogany custom cabinets, and fabricated granite for the counter top and complete with a stainless steel grill.
The upper cabana had a floor finished with travertine. Attached was a full bath, entertainment area with mahogany cabinets and a bar/ kitchen combo along with stainless steel refrigeration.

The staircase was built using sandblasted colored cement handrails and smooth finished concrete staircase. The hardscape was finished using colored concrete walkways with exposed smooth aggregate and the landscaping was complete inclusive of large rock boulders added throughout along with additional canary date palms.
The tennis court / basketball court finished as well.