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New Bathroom Renovation Trends For 2017

Are you planning a bathroom renovation?

If you want to give it a modern and trendy look, you should remodel it based on the bathroom renovation trends we’ve found for 2017.


Design Specifications


  • Efficiently small in size

You would probably love a bathroom that can fit an enormous double tub with cabinetry built on his & her sides. But we’ve found that big and luxurious aren’t the only things that make a dream bathroom.

These days, efficiently small is fast becoming a favorite design choice. It’s a design trend that makes efficient use of every available real estate, making a freestanding single-person tub very popular.


  • Continuity in design

The style gives emphasis on using the same material for floors and cladding walls and keeping everything in straight lines, even when geometric tiles are used. There are unity and continuity in every inch.


  • Minimalist design for urban dwelling

In keeping with the idea of efficiently small, urban homes and accommodation have everything reduced – sink and tubs that are smaller than standard size, or a vanity that is shrunk a little bit. Comfort, functionality, and style are not compromised, however.


Tile Options


  • Unique tile shapes

With advancements in technology allowing manufacturers to create all sorts of looks and styles, tiles now sport unique shapes and geometric designs. 2017 will definitely see more bathroom flooring in geometric tiles.


  • Textured tiles

Zellige, terracotta, and cement tiles will not only add an old-world feel to the bathroom but also give it a tactile appeal. You will feel the texture underfoot.


  • Mismatched tiles

With hexagonal-shaped tiles in a wide variety of patterns and designs, bathroom floors will take on a unique style with mismatched tiles installed.


Modern Heating Options


  • Underfloor heating

When your bathroom floor feels like an ice skating rink in the early morning, radiant floor heating will make the cold go away and warm you up in no time.


  • Innovative heating solutions

Emerging designs in heating systems are nothing short of intriguing. The Origami by Alberto Meda, for example, is designed like paper origami with folded shapes that are equipped with high-class technology.

The Tubone by Andrea Crosetta, on the other hand, looks like an oversized part of a radiator heater that you can install vertically and horizontally. It is both visually appealing and functional.

Fancy Features


  • High-tech toilets

2017 may be the year where high-tech toilets finally leave the shores of Japan and enter into many of our homes. Some of the features people are looking forward to include automatic lid openers, seat warmers, slow close features, built-in deodorizers, and adjustable air dryer.


  • Fixtures in brass and gold tones

Brass and gold tones may be a thing of the past, but they are making a comeback. If your bathroom has a cooler gray paint, fixtures in brass and gold will make the perfect complement. They also add luxury and dimension to any space.


  • Luxury vanity lighting schemes

One thing that most vanities lack is strategic lighting. The new trend, however, adds luxury into the mix. Your options include small pendants, wall sconces, light bars, and even chandeliers.

Install the vanity with a dimmer switch, and your bathroom can have a luxurious and relaxing feeling.


A bathroom renovation in 2017 will also have products that are picture or “Instagram-worthy”. Think of mirrors and fixtures that rival five-star hotel bathrooms.


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