Art Studios

art-gallery-insideThis particular art studio was the last edition of a pre-existing estate located in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.  The art studio was designed to reflect the much larger estate as a whole.    Since the structure was to be placed on the upper most point of the property, the challenge of the design was to take advantage of the encompassing vistas of the valley below.  This was accomplished by placing the structure close to the edge of the pad with the most view as well as incorporating large solid wood windows to bring in a large amount of natural light as possible.

The custom designed art studio incorporated the wishes of the client who was looking to give his wife a place for her creative painting and other art projects as well as a dark room for her photography ambitions.  This design also included a custom kitchen as well as a bathroom.  And of course a place to park his collection of Lamborghinis.

The final product was a result of incorporating high end materials and craftsmanship. The entire floor was a smooth finished with colored concrete and the walls were finished with a red faux to finish it off.