Custom Framed House Completed in Temecula, California

Richardson Design and Build recently finished up on this custom rough framing job back in July of 2016.  The job is located in Temecula, California and consisted of over 6,800sf of custom home, 1150sf attached four car garage, a 1,580sf de-attached garage with workshop and over 1,000sf of covered patios along with a Porte-Cochere and entry system.

This gallery shows various pictures of the framing job working backwards in time showing the different phases of the framing job.  This was a large framing job with lots of open beam work with an excess of over 350 -6×8 exposed corbel tails on the exterior alone.

The interior Family Room was built using a one piece 12″x18″x45ft ridge beam, shown being hoisted above and resting on four 12″x14″ horizontal trusses secured by four 10″x10″ vertical king posts.  All the beams were routered using a 1″ router bit.20160623_090254All in all, this framing job took about 10 weeks to completely frame up from start to finish.  If you have a need for rough framing or for that matter a complete home build from planning to completion, we are able to take on this task at a competitive price.  We are able to bid on your plans or you may hire our services on a time and material basis or even a flat fee.

Please feel free to contact Phil Richardson through email, phone or text regarding your project.


Custom Cardiff House

cardiff by the sea houseThis is a recent picture of the Cardiff House that we built.  This house overlooks the Pacific Ocean and has a lounge area on the roof for maximum ocean views.  This home was a built as an investment opportunity that resulted in tearing down an existing 1930’s distressed beach house.

Houses like these are typical in areas with high appreciating values such as towns as Cardiff by the Sea.  As an investment vehicle, this project netted the investors a sizable return on their investment. Be sure to give us a call if you are in the market for a new home or would like to have a house built as an investment opportunity.

Cardiff House Front View

Custom Specialty Structures

horse-pavilion-distanceOver the years Phil Richardson has been involved with constructing many specialty structures. This page shows a variety of different types of cabanas and other structures.  Some structures that are not shown have been spa houses with indoor spas, interior steam rooms with stone mosaic and marble arches as well as customized underground dual lane bowling alleys.

The first structure shown is a dual purpose building meant to house a maid or guests attached to a horse pavilion in the rear.  The design took into consideration the rich elements of the community as well as a reflection of the overall estate within the Rancho Del Lago Community of Rancho Santa Fe. Continue reading Custom Specialty Structures

Art Studios

art-gallery-insideThis particular art studio was the last edition of a pre-existing estate located in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.  The art studio was designed to reflect the much larger estate as a whole.    Since the structure was to be placed on the upper most point of the property, the challenge of the design was to take advantage of the encompassing vistas of the valley below.  This was accomplished by placing the structure close to the edge of the pad with the most view as well as incorporating large solid wood windows to bring in a large amount of natural light as possible. Continue reading Art Studios

Unique Garage Structures

blakney-rv-storageHere are two examples of parking and garage structures that have been built by Mr. Richardson.  This particular client was looking for a separate garage for his two cars as well as a separate garage for his motor-coach. The design of the two structures needed to incorporate the same design and style as his house and adhere to the standards of the Rancho Sante Fe Covenant.  The final design and build needed to reflect a structure that appeared less like a garage and more like a detached guest home.  Both elements were accomplished with the final build. Continue reading Unique Garage Structures

Custom Cabana Project

DSC00042Mr. Richardson has been involved with the design and construction of many types of closed and open cabanas. The pictures presented are of some of the nicer custom cabanas constructed.

This particular client was looking to to have his vast amount of orange trees cut down and in its place have a tennis court, 2 cabanas, maids quarters, horse pavilion and various hardscape and landscaping.
These photos show the necessary steps taken for the pre-construction and necessary grading. During the pre-construction phase, it was determined that canary date palms were needed to be planted before any work was to begin on the structures, thus a mega crane was needed to do that job considering that these trees weigh several thousands of pounds. Continue reading Custom Cabana Project

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