Custom Home Building in 5 Steps

What’s great about building a custom home in San Diego is that the design and structure can be uniquely your own. Unless, of course, if you’re restricted by zoning and building requirements, or that you can’t build a house that sticks out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. But if you have free reign, home building can be satisfying and rewarding.

Steps Involved in Custom Home Building


  1. Site Analysis

It’s important that your designer and builder get a good look at Continue reading Custom Home Building in 5 Steps

Art Studios

art-gallery-insideThis particular art studio was the last edition of a pre-existing estate located in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.  The art studio was designed to reflect the much larger estate as a whole.    Since the structure was to be placed on the upper most point of the property, the challenge of the design was to take advantage of the encompassing vistas of the valley below.  This was accomplished by placing the structure close to the edge of the pad with the most view as well as incorporating large solid wood windows to bring in a large amount of natural light as possible. Continue reading Art Studios

Unique Garage Structures

blakney-rv-storageHere are two examples of parking and garage structures that have been built by Mr. Richardson.  This particular client was looking for a separate garage for his two cars as well as a separate garage for his motor-coach. The design of the two structures needed to incorporate the same design and style as his house and adhere to the standards of the Rancho Sante Fe Covenant.  The final design and build needed to reflect a structure that appeared less like a garage and more like a detached guest home.  Both elements were accomplished with the final build. Continue reading Unique Garage Structures

Custom Cabana Project

DSC00042Mr. Richardson has been involved with the design and construction of many types of closed and open cabanas. The pictures presented are of some of the nicer custom cabanas constructed.

This particular client was looking to to have his vast amount of orange trees cut down and in its place have a tennis court, 2 cabanas, maids quarters, horse pavilion and various hardscape and landscaping.
These photos show the necessary steps taken for the pre-construction and necessary grading. During the pre-construction phase, it was determined that canary date palms were needed to be planted before any work was to begin on the structures, thus a mega crane was needed to do that job considering that these trees weigh several thousands of pounds. Continue reading Custom Cabana Project

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